Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi again..
emm..I'm actually not going to talk much about computer.Now,computer is not a cup of my tea..I am really dumb in dealing with computer..emm,but was a very big pleasure if there is someone who is willing to teach me more about computer..and i really appreciate that..i am not too sure why i really not happy doing works with the helped of computer..mybe before this no one force me to at least creat my own new i am definately regret for not trying to get to kow about this important sad..but then again,i can still be a little bit proud of myself because i am not too dummies..hihi..why i said this because,i ia still know some of the software inside such as microsoft word,powerpoint,exel and many least i know how to deal with it..and yet,i still try hardly to enhance this computer skills to ensure that i am not left behind without knowing anything about the IT's..hope so..


Izaham Shah Ismail said...

Hope the Cl class will change that

Hunkiecrush said...

chennaaaaa. :DD